Gjestestuene event venue

At Gjestestuene, you will discover a little piece of Norway, right here in the capital city.

Welcome to our event venue Gjestestuene

Located at the Norwegain Museum of Cultural Heritage, Gjestestuene is an event venue in the Bygdøy area of Oslo, approximately 4 km west of the city center. The venue is used for all kinds of occasions. We arrange everything from gala dinners and conferences, to meetings and romantic weddings.


Hire Gjestestuene to showcase Norwegian folklore and culture. Gjestestuene is set amongst a unique collection of authentic old buildings brought to the museum from locations around Norway. Our next door neighbour is a fantastic medival Stave Church from the 1200s. With such a unique location we excel at giving your guests a great taste of Norwegian culture and history. Coupled with great hospitality and a fine dining experience we provide memorable experiences for both business and private customers.

Gjestestuene itself is a 100 year old building in traditional style, designed by a famous Norwegian architect. Four rooms on two floors make up the venue. You can rent the whole building and organize a totally exclusive event, or you can hire just a single room. Gjestestuene event venue is served by our modern in-house kitchen TG Catering. The kitchen provide all food and drink served on the premises.

There is free parking for 20 cars or even a coach at our private parking area. Bus 30 Bygdøy takes about 20 minutes from the center of town (Rådhuset) and stops 150 meters from Gjestestuene. Get in touch for more information!


Choose a venue for your party

  • Outside at Gjestestuene

    Uteområdene på Gjestestuene

  • Østerdalsstua

  • Festsalen in winter

  • Rent the whole house

  • Festsalen pyntet til fest, Gjestestuene selskapslokaler på Norsk Folkemuseum

    Festsalen, Gjestestuene på Norsk Folkemuseum

  • Bryllupslokaler

    Den blå Peisestue

  • Folkestuen in winter

  • Sæterhytten selskapslokale

    Sæterhytten is a magical place for smaller summer partys

  • View from Sæterhytten over Oslo

For more information Send a request to post@gjestestuer.no
or call 0047 488 91 603