Welcome to our event venue Gjestestuene

Located at the Norwegian Museum of Cultural Heritage, Gjestestuene is an event venue on the Bygdøy peninsula of Oslo, approximately 3 km from the city center.  The venue is used for all kinds of occasions. We arrange gala dinners and conferences, birthday parties and romantic weddings.

Hire Gjestestuene to showcase Norwegian folklore and culture
Gjestestuene itself is a 100 year old building in traditional style, designed by a famous Norwegian architect, Magnus Paulsson. Four rooms on two floors make up the venue. You can rent the whole building and organize a totally exclusive event, or you can hire just a single room.

Food and drink at Gjestestuene
Gjestestuene is served by our modern in-house kitchen TG Catering. The kitchen provides all food and drink served at our premises.

There is free parking for 20 cars or even a coach at our private parking area. Bus 30 Bygdøy takes about 15 minutes from the center of town (Rådhuset) and stops 150 meters from Gjestestuene.

In addition to Gjestestuene, we also manage a small event venue called Sæterhytten, also in Bygdøy. You see more information about Sæterhytten below.

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Choose your venue

Rent the whole house
If you prefer exclusive access, rent all of Gjestestuene. With this package you have four wonderful rooms at your disposal together with beautiful outside areas overlooking the museum grounds with its fairytale setting. Festsalen is big enough for up to 120 seated guests. Welcome drinks are served outside or in Østerdalsstua before dinner. In the comfortable salon guests can enjoy coffee and cake after dinner.

Capasity: 30 - 120 people   
Price: 23 900 kr

Festsalen and Den Blå Peisestue
Our most unique rooms are on the first floor at Gjestestuene. Festsalen has hand painted walls based on rare fragments of wallpaper from the early 1800s and beautiful views overlooking the leafy museum area at Bygdøy. It has a salon, Den Blå Peisestue, with an open fireplace for winter evenings, and comfortable sofas for drinking coffee and socializing. This is our  most popular choice of venue.

Capasity: 30 - 70 people  
Price: 12,900 - 15,900 kr

Østerdalsstua and Folkestuen
Østerdalsstua and Folkestuen are suitable rooms for smaller parties and meetings. With solid wooden panelling in typical Norwegian fashion, your guests will experience traditional hospitality in these rooms. Easy access to the outside areas make the rooms popoular also in summer. Both rooms have an open fireplace. It works well to mingle with drinks in Østerdalsstua before dinner in Folkestuen.

Capasity: 20 - 40 people  
Price: 9900 kr

Sæterhytten is a unique venue situated about a kilometer from Norsk Folkemuseum. The complex used to be part of the Royal Norwegian Summer Residence, and is today managed by the museum. With views over Oslo and a history dating back to 1850, a party at Sæterhytten is a memorable occasion steaped in royal and local history. Sæterhytten is open from May 1st to October 1st. It is closed during winter.

Capacity: 20- 40 people  
Price: 12 900 kr

If you are looking for a truly unforgettable event venue in Oslo, look no further than Gjestestuene at Norsk Folkemuseum. Located on the beautiful Bygdøy peninsula in Oslo, our event venue offers a wonderful experience surrounded by lush greenery and immersed in rich Norwegian history.

We are part of Norsk Folkemuseum, “The Norwegian Museum of Cultural History” and our venue have views overlooking one of Scandinavia’s oldest collections of historical and culturally significant buildings. Our nearest neighbour is the famous stave church from Gol, built during the 1200s.

Our venue Gjestestuene offers a stunning backdrop for any type of event, and our professional and friendly kitchen and staff will ensure that everything runs smoothly, leaving you free to focus on creating happy memories for your guests.

Gjestestuene at Norsk Folkemuseum is the perfect choice for those looking to add a special dimension to their exclusive dinner experiences, away from the standard hotel solutions of downtown Oslo.

With a warm welcome, professional service, and our in-house kitchen, TG Selskapsmat delivering a premium dining experience, we feel confident that we offer one of Oslo’s best special event experiences.

A warm welcome awaits you!

Contact us today to book your next event at Norsk Folkemuseum and discover the true beauty of Norwegian history and culture!

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